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Binary Acids, Oxyanions All sulfur related names are spelt with f not ph in the set H2Saq) hydrogen sulfide H2Sg) hydroselenic acid H2Seaq., Oxyacids Acid member that the Names , Formulas for Binary Acids Binary acids are named by writing hydro followed by the root of the name of the halogen. Answer to Name the following binary acids HF aq) HIaq) H 2Se aq) HBr aq) H2Te aq) HCl aq) Name the following binary compounds c.

The actual acid name is hydrosulfuric acid Go. Name the following binary acids h2s.

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Naming Acids Worksheet Key Block Name Name the following acids 1 HCL hydrochloric acid 2 HClO4 perchloric acid 3 HIO3 iodic acid. Apr 26,Name each of the following binary acids: a) HCl b) H2S 2) Name each of the following oxyacids: a) HNO3 b) H2SO3 c) HClO3 d) HNO2 3) Write.

Nomenclature of Acids binary acids: compounds of The name of an acid is closely connected to that of the anion from which it is derived.

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May 27, 2009 How do you name the following acids H2Seaq) H2Te Name the acids plete and balance each of the following equations for acid base. Start studying Chemistry Test Chapter 14 Review Learn vocabulary Name each of the following binary acids: a HCl b H2S a The name of a binary acid.

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